A month and a half left.

I’m 10 and a half months into my journey abroad and i’ve only just decided to start a blog.. never too late right? well i’m approaching my finish date (January 3rd) of my au pairing journey and it doesn’t seem real. I feel like i’ve just moved here, but I also feel like i’ve been doing this forever. It’s a weird feeling..
I feel like adapting to my old life will be harder than it was adapting here (it was actually the easiest thing ever). Coming here just felt so normal, and although i’m somewhat ready to come home i’m afraid to come back.. because I know that everything will be the same, but i’ve changed. What if my old life isn’t enough? that i’m not satisfied, and I become homesick for my life in the States?  Moving somewhere foreign, nobody knows you nor really cares what you do, how you act or what you say.. Don’t get me wrong, I miss home, my family & friends.. however, it will be a lot harder adapting back into my old life style than it was starting fresh here. I’m so excited for my mums cooking, my own bed, to be surrounded by my family, friends and Australian food! Being over here has made me crave Australian food that I never really ate while I was home.. it’s weird what being away from your country can make you feel.
This year has flown by, literally. How have I been away from all my family and friends for almost a year? it blows my mind. Moving away from everything i’ve ever known, to have a year off school is the best thing I could have ever done for myself. I was stuck between two different things I wanted to study at university and within my first month here I knew exactly what I wanted to study. I’ve learnt so much about myself that I never even knew, i’ve indulged myself in different cultures, practically been a mum for a year, made friends from around the world, travelled to 8 different states, explored and have found love. I could not recommend stepping out of your comfort zone more than enough! it could change you into a better you. You’ll be a different person getting on the plane to come home than you were getting on the plane at the start of your journey (and you’ll probably leave with 1 suitcase and come home with 3, oops)..
Anway, my next month and a half will consist of a trip to New York with Connor for Thanksgiving, packing up my whole room into suitcases, spending my last few weekends with friends, christmas with my host family and New York for New years. After that my travel month will start, goodbyes with everyone and then i’m on my way home.


My year abroad in North America.